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Jessie Katz, LLMSW

LGBTQIA2S+ Affirming Trauma Therapist


(734) 585 0495



2002 Hogback Rd

Suite 20

Ann Arbor, MI


A Bit About Me

A Bit About Me

Welcome to Dreaming Tree Counseling -  my name is Jessie (she/her) and I am so glad you’re here!


If you’re anything like me, your path to this space has had a lot of twists and turns, a lot of ups and downs.

You may be struggling with imposter syndrome or feeling like no matter what you do - it is just never enough. You may be experiencing anxiety or overwhelm and feel unsure how to stop worrying all the time. 


You may have been through really difficult experiences that feel nearly impossible to talk about. You may be feeling down and wondering if you will always feel this way. 


You may be navigating changes in life - and feeling afraid and uncertain. 

You maybe have lost someone or something dear to you and are wondering how to grieve and go on living or even functioning at all. 

You may currently be practicing law, studying to become a lawyer, or have been a lawyer in a previous life (like me) and are struggling with stress, burnout, or feeling completely overwhelmed. 

You may be a present, future, or former member of the legal community and find yourself wondering if it is supposed to be this hard to find balance between your work and your personal life.


You might even wonder if everyone else has it figured out - and assume there is something wrong with you.


You may be navigating the legal system as a client and feel lost or overwhelmed by it all. 


You may be the survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault and feel like there is no one who understands the complexity of your situation and how scary it all can feel.  


If this sounds at all like you or what you are experiencing - I am so glad you have come this far and want you to know you are not alone. I am here to help. 



Work Experience

The Safe Haven Network - Founder & Executive Director

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation  - Staff Attorney 

Level Legal - Document Review Attorney

Protocol Services - Crisis & Access Specialist/Clinical Specialist 

BLND Health - Clinical Fellow

Wise Mind Psychology - Clinical Therapist

Dreaming Tree Counseling - Clinical Therapist 

I worked as a crisis counselor for almost two years before becoming a full-time clinical therapist as a second career. Before coming to social work, I was a licensed attorney in Illinois and empowered Chicago residents to find answers to legal questions, supported survivors of sexual assault navigating criminal charges against their abusers, and strengthened community resources for domestic violence survivors and their pets.

Using a trauma-responsive, anti-oppressive, person-centered, and solution-focused approach, I will work with you to create a soft, brave space to face the fears and realities you want to avoid, but know you need to address if you’re going to move past them. Together, we’ll explore holistic techniques to turn down the noise and the expectations so that you can hear your own wants and needs, and we’ll work to strengthen your sense of unconditional self-worth. I will meet you where you are, at the intersection of all your identities and through the lens of the traumas you have experienced, and we will look for solutions to your concerns together, while acknowledging (and where possible, targeting) the systems of oppression that may be contributing to your pain.

It takes tremendous strength and courage to ask for help, to let go of familiar but unhealthy coping strategies in order to reach for an unfamiliar peace. Join me in therapy and let’s explore ways to find your unique peace of mind.

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